Attention petroleum suppliers and used oil recycling companies.The Alberta Fire Code requires that storage tanks be registered. Tanks may not be registered because they do not meet minimum equipment standards or the owners have not made the annual registration application or paid the necessary registration fees.  Some tank owners have installed tanks without a permit.  The PTMAA reviews permit applications to ensure that the Fire Code is being complied with.  Owners of tanks that have been installed without a permit are required to apply as if the tank was never installed.  In most cases, this process will involve the services of a professional engineer to prepare drawings.  Small outdoor installations may qualify for an application prepared completely by the tank owner.  In any case, the supplier of flammable and combustible liquids or used oil recycling companies must use tank registration as clearance to provide services. Be aware that individual storage tanks are registered; not the facility.  There may be registered tanks at the facility which qualfiy for service but tanks not registered must not be supplied or emptied or there is potential for heavy fines.

The Alberta Fire Code mandates that except for storage tanks being withdrawn from service, no person shall deliver or remove flammable liquids or combustible liquids to or from a storage tank unless:
a) the storage tank is registered under this Article, and
b) the registration certificate is displayed on the premises where the storage tank is located

The spreadsheet, below, contains facilities which have tanks that have ceased to be registered or have never been registered.   The Excel spreadsheet will be regularly updated. This particular list was updated May 7, 2020.  The spreadsheet can be sorted by facility name or municipality.  Please contact the PTMAA office for assistance using the spreadsheet or for specific information about non-compliant tanks.

spreadsheet Noncompliant Spreadsheet (24 KB)