Installation of new tanks requires pre-approval from a Safety Codes Officer with authority in the jurisdiction. Authority for storage tank regulations in the Alberta Fire Code is shared between the municipal fire department and the Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta (PTMAA). To find out who has authority in the municipality where the tank installation is planned you may refer to this website or call the PTMAA office at 1.866.222.8265. Our website has a list of all municipalities where the PTMAA is the authority having jurisdiction.

Permit Application

The PTMAA provides storage tank installation advice to all stakeholders, regardless of the location of the planned installation. To ensure your project begins correctly, please complete a Permit Application if the PTMAA is the authority. Fax or email the completed application to the PTMAA office and we will follow up with information to verify a plan that meets the Fire Code or give suggestions to get things back on track. 

Plans Examination

Depending on jurisdiction, either a municipal or PTMAA Safety Codes Officer must examine engineered drawings for the planned tank installation. This website lists engineering firms which have experience in designing storage tank facilities. To register a storage tank, evidence of Safety Codes Officer approval is a requirement. A fee is generally charged for plans examinations.

Contractor Selection

The Alberta Fire Code requires that underground tank and piping installations are supervised by a certified contractor. A list of companies which employ certified individuals is available on this website. If you have an underground tank that has no further use, it must be removed. Most certified installers also have a remover license so there may be efficiency in coordinating the installation and removal.

Tank Registration

Some underground storage tanks do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Fire Code. Tanks used exclusively for farm purposes is an example of an exclusion. Also, if the tank is part of an approval from the Alberta Energy Regulator it would fall under the jurisdiction of  Directive-55. Tanks used in gas plants would be an example of this application. If the tank is regulated by the Fire code a registration application is made to the PTMAA once the tank is installed. Tanks subject to registration cannot be used, product added to or product removed from a tank that is not registered. Owners are encouraged to gather as much technical information as possible from tank manufacturers and installers in order to simplify the registration process. A certificate which expires August 31st of each year is sent to the owner once the registration process is complete. Tanks which do not meet the Fire Code, as evidenced by Safety Codes Officer approval will not be registered.