Searches for tanks at an address can be performed. To request a search please fax or email ( the complete address (including municipal, legal land description and lot/block/plan) to our office. If tanks are located at the address you requested we will provide you with copies of the site/tank detail, tank closure report and site diagram, if they are available. Searches cost $20 + GST per address. An additional $10.00 + GST is charged per report provided. If you have an account with the PTMAA we will invoice accordingly. If you do not have an account please call the PTMAA office with credit card information.


This form should be used to conduct historical record searches for tanks located at a specific property.

Properties to be Searched

By submitting this form, you agree you have authorization to conduct this search on behalf of your company and agree to pay all fees associated with conducting the search.

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